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August 24, 2015

“We have been grateful for the opportunity to place our mother in a warm, attractive environment where she can have her own room and the attention of friendly staff – all of which has helped her transition from independent living to her new home.  Family are welcome,  and some staff have gone the extra mile – when her granddaughter married they took pictures of her dressed up and she received many warm congratulations.  Holidays are celebrated to the hilt, with much build-up and decorating so the residents can retain as much of those special times as possible.  And our mother actually loves being involved and helping fold laundry!  After a long, productive and capable life, she takes pride in still being able to make a contribution.  Most of all, we appreciate that Memory Care strives to remember that it is not just living that matters, but the quality of living.  This is not a nursing home; it is, instead, a home.”

— The Long Family


“My mother is at Memory Care Living. She has been there for two months now. It is a private home with 15 bedrooms, and each resident gets their own bedroom. The house was completely renovated last fall. It is very clean. The facility is very nice. I give very high marks to the staff that works there. They are very caring and very engaged with the residents. The open floor plan in the family room, and the kitchen is a nice feature because it gives it a very homey feel. Whenever they’re preparing food, it is right out in the open. The kitchen is separate, but there are no walls between the kitchen and the main gathering area. I think that’s a nice plus. Even though it is a private home, it has a lot of amenities. My mother is very pleased with it.”


I am a friend or relative of a resident



It has been just over six months that my father has been at Memory Care Living at Paramus, so thought it appropriate to provide a progress update.  After an initial settling period, I am very pleased to say that our experience with Memory Care Living has been excellent.  My father’s health and well being has benefited and I can say he is in much better spirits than even when he was at home.  I believe believe he has been given excellent care and assistance by Maribel [the manager] and the care givers in Paramus. You have an excellent team there and they should all be proud of the valuable work they do.  However, I would like to specifically point out Norberto as being the care giver that has made a tremendous difference with my father.  I can tell that he seems to go above and beyond to make sure Dad is well cared for and it just seems they made a little connection. Even though he can’t express it, I can tell Dad feels better because of Norberto being there to help him. Please extend mine and my family’s sincerest gratitude to Norberto and the entire team of care givers.  Great work! Even though the challenges are great also, we look forward to the future, knowing Dad is well cared for.


The Basile Family

My sister and I found ourselves in the unfortunate position of making the difficult decision to move our mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, to an assisted living facility. We were new to the process and thought that a big facility would be better for her. We carefully researched over 30 assisted living facilities, with dementia units.

We quickly found that the large facilities could not handle our mother’s dementia issues. It became necessary to move her from one facility to another, each one claiming to be “experts in dementia.” We had heard it all before. That’s when we thought we would try the smaller, more intimate home-like setting of Memory Care Living at Montville.

We are so pleased with our mother’s adjustment and contentment in her Memory Care Living home. It has truly become her home. I guess it’s the special training in Alzheimer’s, but they always seem to know what to do for her. And with dementia, what works one day, does not necessarily work the next.

My sister and I visit her almost every day, and we see the little things that the caregivers do for her. They are so patient. They just seem to always know if something is not right for the resident, and somehow figure out a solution. They don’t rush the residents, and have a comforting and soothing way about them. They know just when to give a hug or hold someone’s hand…and that may be all the person needs in that moment.

There is also a lot of communication between the caregivers and the families. We really appreciate that as well.

—Melanie O’Dea
daughter of Memory Care Living resident in Montville

My mother lives in a Memory Care Living Home, her 76th birthday was on August 20th and I was feeling so guilty that we would be away on vacation and unable to celebrate it with her. I called to see what arrangements could be made and to my great delight, the staff took charge of the entire project. My mother was tickled when Helene arrived with a big ice cream birthday cake! Several staff members stayed late or came early to make the day more festive. When I found out how many people had made an effort to make the day special, I was truly touched. My sisters and I are very grateful for their efforts.

I have been very pleased with the care given to my husband at Memory Care Living. Every one there has really gone out of their way to make his stay there very comfortable which relieved me also. I want to thank all of you for this. I would highly recommend Memory Care Living to anyone.

My mother was a patient at Memory Care Living until her recent death. During the time she was at the home I was very impressed and satisfied with the care she received from all the personnel there. Everybody was very caring, compassionate and professional in their duties at all times. I have already and will continue to recommend your home to people who need care for their family members.

Although it was a very difficult decision at the time to place my mother at Memory Care Living I was comfortable she would be well cared for and handled with compassion and understanding. During the three years that she was there I had several opportunities to visit, always unannounced. I always found the environment to be warm, friendly and very clean. The living areas were peaceful and inviting. The food always smelled and looked delicious. The staff was great when my father visited and cared as much about his well being as my mom’s. I will always appreciate the staff’s willingness to take time to explain to me what was happening and where we were going. It was especially difficult to try to manage my mother’s care long distance, but the staff made that task much easier.

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation to the staff at Memory Care Living. In the time my mother has been there the staff has given her loving and supportive care, which is a tremendous comfort to me. They go above and beyond the call of duty. They are often there well after their shift and are personally involved with all the residents. I know my mother is safe and her personal needs are being addressed. She is comfortable in her new environment and words cannot begin to describe how important that is to my family and me.

I want you to know how profoundly I appreciate all you have done to make my mother’s stay comfortable…Being a Registered Nurse…I can appreciate and understand how trying some days can be. You are to be commended.