Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Residences with Warm and Friendly Surroundings

Quality Care by Professional Dementia Care Specialists

Memory Care Living™ is committed to providing on-going Alzheimer’s and dementia care support services around the clock. Our personal care providers, activities coordinators, licensed practical and registered nurses successfully combine caring expertise with respect and sensitivity. Residents in our Alzheimer’s care residences enjoy encouragement and friendship through daily social and recreational activities. Planned and supervised by a professional activities coordinator, each activity is specially-designed to combine socialization with therapeutic intervention.

Our approach to Memory Care Living™ is holistic, recognizing that mind, body, emotional and physical health is connected.

We meet our residents where they’re at, regardless of social and physical ability. Our dementia care specialists work with them and their families to identify what they need and want t Nutritional o reach their full potential. We develop individualized lifestyle plans that enable residents to use their individual skills, helping to enhance each resident’s self esteem, sense of accomplishment, contentment and quality of life.

Full Value at Our New Jersey Dementia Care Residences

Memory Care Living™ homes are intimate home settings that offer real value to our clients at one all-inclusive rate. Our competitive rates do not increase. Memory Care Living™ offers advanced care when necessary. By developing strategic alliances with our pharmacy, geriatric counselors, social workers, and a physician group, we can assure that all available Medicare utilization is taken advantage of to offer the best possible care at the lowest cost.