Memory Care Facts

    1. Stimulating the brain is important for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. Activities that promote positive cognitive support are a staple at Memory Care Living.

    2. We strive to use non-pharmaceutical interventions, reducing medications, and increasing activity.

    3. The small house setting allows for residents to walk freely without the use of walkers, strengthening and helping in the reduction of falls.

    4. A sense of security will give you ease. Memory Care Living houses have trained care partners working 24/7 to attend to our residents’ needs. All main entryways are secure accompanied with a secure white fence surrounding the beautiful lawn. With the highest staffing ratio in the market, Memory Care Living gives you peace of mind.

    5. An all inclusive rate is offered at Memory Care Living. The rate includes care, rent and medication assistance. This brings us to a more competitive rate as well as ease of knowing there are no hidden fees.

    6. Memory Care Living has private beds. Our locations are in a residential area. We have beautiful communities. Residents garden, relax outside and have a gorgeous open concept house to do meaningful activities with our care partners.


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